$HAHAMETAVERSE serves as the native currency for our metaverse. Users use $HAHAMETAVERSE to mint characters, mint assets, extending the lives of their family by hiring and Buy/Sell on the HAHAMETAVERSE Marketplace. There is a maximum supply of 5 Billion $HAHAMETAVERSE tokens. Liquidity will be locked and the Development fund will be vested at some percentage return per month.


The Ecosystem purpose is to balance the $HAHAMETAVERSE payout gained through mining, along with minting costs to the current dollar value of $HAHAMETAVERSE.
This means that the following will happen if the dollar value per $HAHAMETAVERSE increases:
  • $HAHAMETAVERSE payouts decrease
  • Mint Assets costs less $HAHAMETAVERSE
  • Mint Family costs less $HAHAMETAVERSE
If $HAHAMETAVERSE price in dollar decreases the opposite of the above becomes true.

How would each user and creator in the Metaverse can get the benefit from the economies created using the $HAHAMETAVERSE coin?

The creators will be able to participate in games, make sales and purchases in the Metaverse and they would also create more NFTs and more games. Moreover, they would also be able to decorate their lands and worlds.  

The creators will be rewarded for doing these activities on our $HAHAMETAVERSE network. The Metaverse will be further creating estates that can be owned by many more users. The rewarding system will be a permanent source of income for users.

How much will landowners going to earn from being active on their own lands and spaces?

The Landowners can earn by renting their land to creators and developers.  The landowners can also build and monetize their own spaces. They can define a certain percentage for every user to be paid before accessing the space i.e. service charges. 
The Landowners can also charge the other creators and developers monthly, weekly, or annually for the rent.
The landowner can also become a shareholder for the space like a partnership. This way he can divide the profit and be more involved in the space.

NFT Marketplace

There will be an internal NFT marketplace where users of Metaverse will be able to improve their Society/Community and the economy by letting them trade, sell or acquire NFTs. These trades will have a 20% tax cost for using the marketplace in any of their forms and will be returned to the Rewards Pool.
The marketplace will use $HAHAMETAVERSE as its default token and users will stipulate the price of their NFT however they see fit, so be on the lookout for the next bargain!
Some assets would not be allowed to be listed on the Marketplace.
Few examples of the Ecosystem assets:
  1. World
  2. City
  3. Land
  4. House
  5. Shop
  6. Nightclub
  7. Playgrounds
  8. Stadiums

How much will you reward creators of the world & cities?

The earning of the creators depends on the number of users joining their world.  The more the users join their world the more profit the creators may earn.
The creators will also be rewarded if they purchase land or create a house, shop, industry, etc on the Metaverse.
Creating these spaces will result in more network traffic, so the creators will be incentivized with the $HAHAMETAVERSE token.

How much will users earn?

The users will earn $HAHAMETAVERSE by participating in creators-generated content and by doing different activities on the network.
The users will be rewarded for even creating or using items of Metaverse and other NFTs on the network.
The $HAHAMETAVERSE will be rewarding 5% to all the holders of the token.